Feb 21

Social Media Strategy

I am a Social Media Manager helping both individuals and businesses to manage their social media online marketing. Social media networking is not just a fad or a passing whim, but is the new direction of business advertising.

Most people would prefer to do business with someone they know and trust. Even though many businesses will never meet their customers, through social media they can build a relationship with the new customers by building up their brand, becoming well-known and of course, being referred by friends to other friends and relatives.

Anyone can use Social Media Management to leverage their business into a successful position in the marketplace by following certain fundamental guidelines. I can help with that and assist in setting up or perform the setup of social media accounts for you and/or your business.

For more information please contact me at: calamitybrandybelle@yahoo.com

Feb 21

Ghostwriting by Lynda Lacroix

Ghostwriting services are offered for most any purpose from individual articles, ebooks, or published hard-bound editions. Not everyone has the gift for gab, loves to type, or has the ability to research topics to write articles. Let me do it for you.

I am a published author of several books and have ghostwritten several others. Ezine articles has recognized me as an Expert Author. Maybe you need to publicize your new website and need content to ‘fluff’ it out. Whatever the need, I can write your articles for the article directories, articles for your website, or content for your new book.

For more information or price quotes, please contact me at: calamitybrandybelle@yahoo.com

Feb 21

Blog Development and Hosting

Many people would like to have their own blog but have no idea how to get started or are daunted by the costs they are quoted for setting up a blog. Not only can I direct you on how to set up a blog, how to monetize a blog, and how to manage it once you have it started, I can also host it for you. Start your own blog so that you can connect with others over a favorite topic or set one up to make extra money online.

Contact me for assistance in setting up a blog and how to manage it at: calamitybrandybelle@yahoo.com

Feb 21

PLR Articles and eBooks by Lynda

Are you needing PLR Articles and eBooks? If so, let me write them for you. Packages can be located on clickbank and are offered by some of the large ‘gurus’ but beware and realize you get what you pay for. Many of those articles are written by low-cost labor in another country and are churned out with special writing programs that alter the wording somewhat but the articles are virtually the same. Not to mention, the information or articles you buy are the same ones sold or given away and used by how many? Once someone realizes your content is not unique, you’ll lose them and they won’t come back.

Individual articles and/or packages are available and are written per request on the topic you choose them to be about. These articles are not xerox copied from one person to the next and show unique content so they can be used not only on your website, but also submitted to the article directories.

If I can be of assistance, please contact me at: calamitybrandybelle@yahoo.com

Feb 21

Alternative Homesteading Values

People think about the settlers and wagon trains when they think of homesteading. I believe we need to look back to some of the Homesteading values of the past to learn how to deal with our current and future living challenges.

Back to Basics does not mean doing without literally or going back to the stone ages, but it does mean going back to some of the basic values people used to live by. Neighbor used to help neighbor. When someone fell down, someone offered a hand to help them up. Living a simpler life doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself.

We all need to start paying attention to this planet we call home and start taking care of it. We can recycle to reduce our carbon footprint, reuse an item for an alternative purpose before we have to discard it, and reduce our volumn of waste by realizing what we have is valuable and precious. Not everyone has the options we have. The main thing to understand is that you have a choice.

I grow most of the vegetables I eat, have fruit trees and berry vines for fresh snacks, and I raise most of my own meat. I only own 7 acres so my cattle are on a neighbors property that has pasture but no cattle. He and his wife wanted beef so we made a deal. Bartering is a good way to accomplish something to the benefit of both parties without having to pay out a cent. When I butcher my beef, I give the land owners part of it in exchange for use of the pasture. I save several hundred dollars in feed costs and they save several hundred per year on their grocery bill.

There are many ways to make your life more sustainable and increase the quality of your lifestyle without getting a raise at work, but you have to make a concious decision to change your life. You don’t have to live in the country to make changes and I can help guide you in the right direction or give you tips that will help.

Follow me to find out more at http://alternativehomesteading.com/

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